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After finishing my Bachelors degree in Marine Biology, I knew I wanted to work outdoors in the field, which for me isn't really an actual field but rather the fascinating and ever-changing ocean. I'll say it now (and several more times before I return to CA)—the ocean is no joke. Having grown up by the beach, I just wasn't ready to hang up my wetsuit, take a job in an office, and sit in traffic every day. I wanted to be on (and in) the water, seeing new things and exploring events that normal people (read: "sane people") don't get the privilege of experiencing. After all, most people seem to think I'm part-human, part-mermaid anyways.

Luckily, I secured a sea-bound position with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CADFW) right out of college, doing recreational fishery sampling. There, I have gotten the hands-on experience of field study, along with the pleasure of spending my days with my first love: the ocean. I enjoyed working in SoCal and learning about my local ecosystem, but I knew I wanted to reach out to other environments and see more than just my little corner of the ocean. As a free-spirit, I knew the world beyond California waters was something I had to discover. Exploring the Sub-Arctic as a commercial fishery observer is just the next step in preparing for grad school and gaining professional experience. But more importantly, working up here on a national project, I get to see the world beyond the shores of my home. After my deployment, I intend to return to SoCal to spend the summer sampling recreational fisheries again for CADFW and soaking up all the sunshine I can handle! (You can never have enough Vitamin D, folks.) 

When I'm not in the water, I enjoy cycling and racing triathlons. The weekend is a lost opportunity if I didn't spend at least one day out on Pacific Coast Highway putting some miles on the bike with friends. I am also an avid reader, blogger, and artist, among other things. 

My adventures beyond my familiar, warm California waters have begun and I'm excited to share them with you. I'll hold on tight to my goals and my insights while I'm bearing the Bering Sea. And also to my ship because my best friend Alex says she'll sue the state of Alaska when she finishes law school if anything happens to me. (Don't let her watch Deadliest Catch, whatever you do.)

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  1. I love your blog! I just got back from volunteering aboard a NOAA ship and am now looking into a season as an observer in AK. I notice no where on your site you mention who your worked for (this may have been by design, and if it is would you mind e-mailing me? seasea.dahl@gmail.com). I was wondering how you chose who to be an observer with as all the companies seem so similar but yet so different? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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